Why Choose LochM Fraser as your Freight Forwarder
Brisbane of Choice?

Competitive rates

Increased savings

We are a high performance freight forwarder Brisbane company committed to identify the best options to save you money. We help increase your savings by finding reliable transport carriers that will ship your cargo
to and from Australia from Brisbane.

Benefits of LMF Freight Forwarder Brisbane Services
Benefits of LMF Freight Forwarder Brisbane Services

Benefits of LMF Freight Forwarder Brisbane Services

No delivery delay

We push ourselves to ensure your goods arrive on time, when you want it and where you want it. We partner only with the best transport carriers to guarantee your goods will arrive on your warehouse as expected.

Freight Forwarder Brisbane
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36-42 Wentworth Place
Banyo Qld 4014

Flexible and customised solutions

Moving your goods as you want it

We work in partnership with reliable transport providers to deliver flexible and customised logistics solutions for your needs. Talk to us if you want your cargo delivered to and from Australia, anywhere around the globe.

Enhanced visibility of your shipment

Easily track your cargo

Monitor the movement of your goods anywhere around the globe through our easy-to-use track and trace system. Complete this simple online form below for us to schedule your cargo shipment, today.

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History of Freight Forwarding Brisbane

The very first import moved by Brisbane freight forwarders are timber from local pine and cedar forests. These logs were rafted down the river for it to reach the port. From there, sailing ships would load and ship these cargoes to Sydney.

Today, the freight forwarding activity in the region has greatly expanded, especially with these three major services providing movement of goods to and from Australia from Brisbane.

Sea Freight Forwarder Brisbane

We provide an economical way for shipping large and small volumes of cargo
through our forwarding services. Choose from any of the following services we deliver:

Sea Freight Delivery and Consultation

  • Door to Door or Port to Door deliveries
  • Managing a combination of sea freight services
  • Warehousing, picking and packing, and order deliveries
  • International Trade and freight management consultancy services
  • Co-ordinating reservations and sailings with shipping lines and agents

Sea Freight Documentation and Consolidation

  • LCL and FCL consolidation
  • Customs documentation and management
  • Sea freight export and import consolidation
  • Online supply chain tracking of your sea freight for various industries

Facilities at Port Brisbane for
Sea Freight Forwarders

With 31 operating berths, Port Brisbane is one of the many ports in Australia equipped with specialised facilities for your forwarding needs. These berths cover more than 7860 of quay line and service the following types of cargo:

Container Terminals

This 2460m of dedicated quayline services has eight (8) container berths that are operated by three stevedores.

DP World Brisbane

Operating Berths 4 to 7 has this stevedore features:

  • Post-Panamax cranes
  • Panamax single-lift crane
  • 23 dedicated container handlers
  • 24 internal transfer vehicles

Operating Berths 8 to 10, Patrick operates with:

  • Post- Panamax cranes
  • 27 automatic straddle carriers
Hutchinson Ports Australia's Brisbane Container Terminals

Occupying Berth 11 and soon to operate Berth 12, it is equipped with:

  • Post-Panamax quay cranes
  • Automated stacking cranes
  • Shuttles
  • Reach stackers
  • Prime movers
  • Internal transfer Vehicles

We Move Various Types of Cargo
at Port of Brisbane

LochM Fraser is a long established freight forwarder with experienced and reliable forwarders in Brisbane. We cater to various industries and provide cost effective logistics solutions customised to fit your specific requirements.

Speak to us for the timely and efficient movement of your:

General Cargo and Motor Vehicles

  • Break-bulk cargo
  • Motor Vehicles
  • General Cargo
  • Roll on/roll off Cargo

Dry Bulk Cargo

  • Grain/woodchip/cottonseed
  • Dry bulk cargo and grains
  • Coal and clinker
  • Chemical and Fertilisers

Wet Bulk Cargo

  • Crude Oil
  • Refined Products

Air Freight Forwarder Brisbane

Our international network of air freight forwarders and carriers allows us to move your goods without delay. We provide flexible and cost effective movement of your products and deliver reliable freight forwarding services to and from Australia from Brisbane.

Facilities at Brisbane Airport for
Air Freight Forwarder

Brisbane Airport is one of the busiest airports in Australia and home to various airlines servicing the freight forwarding needs of various industries such as:

  • Pacific Air Express
  • Pel-Air
  • Qantas Freight
  • Toll Aviation
  • Toll Priority

Brisbane Airport Freight Forwarding Facilities

Brisbane Airport provides efficient and reliable forwarding facilities to ensure timely and delivery transport of your goods.


Capacity : 350 000 tonnes (771 610,000lbs)
Bonded Warehouse : Bonded Warehouse
Mechanical Handling Equipment:
         • Main deck
         • Lower deck cargo
Storage Centers:
         • Air-Conditioned Storage
         • Refrigerated Storage
         • Deep Freeze Storage
Inspection and Quarantine Areas:
         • Animal Quarantine
         • Fresh Meat Inspection
         • Livestock Handling
         •Decompression Chamber
Specific Centers :
         • Dangerous Goods
         • Radioactive Goods
         • Very Large/Heavy Cargo
         • Express/Courier
         • Security for Valuables

Other Features
  • 4x747 Freighter Docks
  • Bonded Warehouse
  • Transit Zone
  • Mechanical Handling

Regular Air Cargo Destination

With five major airlines supplying efficient delivery of your goods, the airport supports the industry with regular air cargo schedules to and from:

  • Adelaide
  • Cairns
  • Gold Coast
  • Honiara
  • Mackay
  • Melbourne
  • Nauru
  • Perth
  • Port Vila
  • Rockhampton
  • Sydney
  • Townsville

We offer customised freight logistics for your needs. Speak to our
experienced freight forwarder Brisbane agents at 1300-056-246, if you have
questions with our services.