Customs Clearance

Customs clearance and procedures play a vital role in our supply chain services.
This requires strict compliance with the quarantine requirements set by the
Australians Customs service. Moreover, it entails dealing with multiple air
and sea freight issues and concerns.

We provide unparalleled customs clearance services. This has been our
specialization since 1917 and we continue to provide a quality customs
broker and clearance services to our clients.

Customs Clearance List of Services

Our team of licensed customs brokers have extensive knowledge in all related
customs processes which includes:

  • Dealing with Customs/AQIS personnel
  • Identifying the best options to save you money
  • Advising you about tariff classifications and concessions
  • Preparing, receiving and processing import and export documentation

Consulting and Tariff Advice Services

We are a proud member of the Customs Brokers and Forwarders Council of Australia (CBFCA). Our agents can provide you with current information on tariff concessions
and importation of all goods together with its proper documentation.

Specialist Customs Clearance Provider
for Melbourne, Brisbane and Australia

We specialize in delivering our customs clearance services for Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as other Australian capital cities such as Sydney, Perth and
Adelaide. We determine your business needs and use our range of services to
give you a customised solution.

Our Customs Clearance Advantage

Our Customs Clearance Division is dedicated to have your goods priority
cleared and delivered prior to its arrival at the designated airport or port of entry.
All of our customs brokers are fully accredited for Australian customs and
quarantine entry. Moreover, we offer second to none customs clearance services
with the following features:

  • Personalised service
  • Decades of experience in customs clearance
  • Use of the latest electronic data transfer through Edifice

Contact us online or call us at (613) 9009 5200 to know more about the customs clearance services we offer to Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as other Australian capital cities such as Sydney, Perth and Adelaide.