Logistics Consultancy

We have been providing expert advice to our logistics customers since our
foundation in 1917. We work with global corporations and small
boutique businesses in major cities of Australia including:

  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Adelaide
  • Sydney
  • Perth

Our consultative process is designed to understand our customer's business
issues and needs for us to deliver tailored-fit logistics solutions. We have a
proven track record and an impressive portfolio of clients in diverse industries.

General Logistics Issues We Address

We help address general logistics issues with the following services:

  • Offering audit services
  • Developing strategies to reduce trade-related costs
  • Providing trade advice and information for businesses to make
    informed decisions, even during its early stage of inception
  • Updating and maintaining logistics processes and documents are
    in compliance with the latest industry developments, including
    government schemes and bylaws

Examples of Logistics Areas We Cover

Our logistics consultancy services extend to a wide range of areas.
See the list of some of the areas we cover.

Grants and Quarantine Issues

  • Dumping — when goods are exported to Australia at a price
    that is below a fair market value
  • Government grants and assistance — AusIndustry schemes
    and incentive programs
  • Practical operational advice on Quarantine issues

Logistics Costs and Procedures

  • Customs valuations
  • Duty drawbacks / refunds
  • Overall review of trade costs and procedures

Customs and Tariff

Official Logistics Laws, Rulings and Regulations

  • Bylaws
  • GST exemptions / rulings
  • Australian Customs official advices/rulings
  • Legal precedents, current court cases and AAT rulings

We are an expert and trusted partner committed in helping you get the best
services and systems available. We help streamline your business operations
for you to save both time and money. Contact our dedicated professional
Trade Consultancy Division for details of the logistics consultancy services we provide.