3PL Logistics Services

Our innovative and cohesive 3PL warehouse and distribution services boost a remarkable improvement in our client's total operational efficiencies and a noticeable savings in overall operating costs.

International and Nationwide Logistics
and 3PL Facilities

We have strategically located nationwide and international facilities that are fully equipped to provide value added logistics and 3PL services. With a dynamic and
flexible approach, we have the expertise in setting up systems on a global scale
that can be completely tailor-made to meet our client's individual needs.

List of Standard 3PL Logistics Services

From Warehousing to streamlining your supply network, Loch M Fraser offers a
range of specialized services to take the logistical headache out of supply chain.

Logistics Reporting and Documentation

  • Freight Tracking
  • Inventory Control
  • Stock-Turn Control
  • Transit Lane Reporting
  • Service Requirements and Protocols
  • Auto Consignment Note Design and Production

Logistics and Structure Analysis

  • Freight Costs Analysis
  • Capital Investment and Expenditure
  • Analysis of Current Business Structure
  • Human Resources and Employment Structure

We deliver creative third party logistics for all types of businesses, both large
and small. Contact us and see the flexible and effective storage and distribution
solutions we provide.

Specialist 3PL Logistics Provider for
Melbourne, Brisbane and Australia

We specialize in delivering our 3PL logistics services for Melbourne and Brisbane,
as well as other Australian capital cities such as Sydney, Perth and Adelaide.
We determine your business needs and use our range of services to give you a customised solution.