Friday, August 23, 2013
The opening of tenders for site investigations for an expanded Port of Hastings is a significant new milestone in the evolution of the port, Port of Hastings Development Authority CEO, Mike Lean, said two days ago.
Mr Lean said the tender for three work programs covering marine geotechnical investigations, land side geotechnical investigations and a marine geophysics survey would provide the Authority with critical contemporary baseline data required to inform port expansion planning over the next four years.
"These investigation works will be vital to ensuring that we have a comprehensive understanding of the conditions that exist both on land and under the sea bed as we get on with the job of planning to expand the port.
"As the Victorian Freight and Logistics Plan confirmed just last week, accelerating the expansion of the Port of Hastings is vital if Victoria is to retain its status as the nation's freight and logistics capital and secure our economic future. These works will be a key piece in the planning process."
Mr Lean said investigation works are expected to commence later this year and would involve geotechnical sampling at locations on land identified for port expansion, as well as at various locations throughout Western Port, over the course of 12 to 18 months.
"These are highly technical works involving specialised equipment. We expect to receive tenders from experienced providers from Victoria and right around Australia." Mr Lean said.
"What we know from past tenders is that there is a great degree of enthusiasm for this project across industry and I expect that this tender will be just as competitive."
Mr Lean said the Authority would work closely with the successful tenderers and relevant Victorian and Commonwealth agencies in ensuring that any potential environmental impacts are well understood and managed during investigations.
"Our approach at every stage will be to avoid or minimise any environmental impacts and we are confident that these works can be conducted safely and with minimal impact."
Mr Lean said the Authority will be delivering a range of new opportunities over the coming months for interested members of the community to learn more about these investigations as well as how port expansion planning is progressing.
Source: Port of Hastings
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