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These facts and figures give an insight into the port's operations and its role as a key economic asset.

Arguably Australia's most important maritime trade hub, the Port of Melbourne supports the prosperity of thousands of businesses and the daily lives of people across Victoria and south-eastern Australia.

To learn about maritime and industry terms often used to describe the port's functions and facilities, see the Glossary.

•Around 2.6 million containers handled annually (equivalent to around 37% of Australia's container trade).
•Handles around 13% of the world's trade in manufactured dairy products.
•30 tonnes of coffee beans per day - equivalent to around 3 million cups of coffee each day.
•Around 1000 new motor vehicles per day on average.
•Total trade of 87 million revenue tonnes.
•Total trade value around $80 billion.

Economic contribution
•Generates 15,700 Full Time Equivalent jobs.
•$1.8 billion value-added contribution to the Victorian economy annually.
•Contributes $950 million of household income annually.
•Around $1 million contribution from each cruise ship visit (around 60 visits in 2012-13).

•34 commercial berths.
•7 kilometres of quayline.
•PoMC invests around $100,000 per day on average on port infrastructure.

Transport and logistics
•Around 3400 commercial ship visits annually.
•87% of imported containers are delivered to the metropolitan area.
•Port-related traffic accounts for less than 2% of all traffic on the M1.
•14% of the port's throughput (excluding transhipment) is transported by rail.

•100,000 hectares of port waters.
•21 kilometres of waterfront.
•Borders four municipal councils.

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