Monday, September 16, 2013

Siemens Rail has been awarded the 'Australian Made' registered trade mark for six of its rail automation products in a ceremony at the Port Melbourne manufacturing facility.

Siemens Australia CEO Jeff Connolly said this award is a great achievement – to be the only major multinational technology organisation to provide trackside signalling products manufactured here in Australia.

"In May this year, Siemens formally acquired Invensys Rail globally. The Australian organisation has an impressive capability in complex engineering and product manufacturing in its market. The acquisition makes Siemens a formidable participant in the increasingly important rail infrastructure sector in Australia," Mr Connolly said.

The products to receive the registered trademark include point machines M2, M23, 84M; Trainstop; Plugboard; Signals; Slide detector; and Level Crossing Flasher.

Australian-made technology makes it easy for rail operators to know that the equipment they are using meets Australian standards and is produced specifically with Australian conditions in mind. Manufacturing and servicing of the technology here in Australia retains local skills and knowledge.

Siemens sees a future where Australian made is the global mark of quality and innovation.

"We're increasingly focusing on 'The Future of Manufacturing' globally, and are committed to helping industrial companies become more productive, efficient, flexible, and therefore more competitive. This is because we see that developed countries need a sound manufacturing capability. As such, we've recently accepted a position on the Australian Industry Group Advanced Manufacturing Council," Mr Connolly said.

Ian Harrison of Australian Made said it was great to see another organisation getting behind the Australian Made Campaign.

"Australian manufacturing plays an important role in our economy and an organisation such as Siemens Rail is a major part of this. It is great to have Siemens Rail on board the campaign promoting local manufacturing."

The 'Australian Made' logo is administered by Australian Made Campaign Limited, a not-for-profit company, under contract from the Federal Government. A strict set of rules govern how the logo can be used, and products must meet the criteria in the Code of Practice in order to use it.

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