Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Container throughput at Fremantle Port has been at record levels for October and November this year, compared with previous results achieved for those two months.

An awareness campaign urging importers to order early for Christmas is likely to be contributing to this result, according to Graeme Wilson, Chairman of the WA Port Operations Task Force.

"While there will be a number of factors contributing to the overall growth of the past two months, it seems that our message to importers has been getting through.

"Bringing in Christmas stocks as early as possible reduces the risk of congestion at the container terminals and subsequent delays in getting goods delivered to the shelves in a timely way.

"With growth likely to continue into December, importers will be facing short deadlines to get cargo delivered and empty containers returned to the port within the required timeframe.

"To ensure timely delivery and to avoid penalty costs for late return of empty containers to the depots, importers need to have adequate arrangements in place for receival and delivery of goods.

"Strategies to get better coordination in the supply chain have been getting results, but importers have a significant role to play and can't afford to be complacent," Graeme Wilson said.

"Now is the time to ensure that arrangements for receival and delivery of goods are in place for the Christmas trade. This means establishing good communication channels between importers and their customs brokers, freight forwarders, transport companies and shipping lines.

"Early advice of issues arising can help minimise delays and avoid financial penalties."

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