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Customs brokers are essential in efficiently facilitating the import and export of your shipments. We deal with all the complicated paperwork and standardized customs procedures to ensure the timely clearance of your goods. We take care of all the loose ends between exporters, importers and governmental authorities so you can stay focused on your core business.

Learn more about the benefits of working with us and begin your search for the perfect customs clearance and brokerage company, today.

Benefits of Working With a Customs Broker

Benefits of Working With a
Customs Broker

Remain In-Compliance with Policy and Regulation Changes

Customs clearance firms have licensed brokers who are adept with the most recent policies and regulations implemented by governmental agencies, such as DAFF (AQIS). Working with us allow you to avoid setbacks that results to wasted time and additional costs.

Reduced Shipping Duties and Taxes

An experienced customs broker is keen in reducing your shipping duties and taxes. We take advantage of applicable Australian Trade Agreements for you to retain more money.

Efficient and Innovative Information Technology

We come equipped with efficient and innovative information technology. We ensure you save money, time and effort without compromising the timely delivery of your goods.

How to Find the Perfect
Customs Broker

Get started in the right direction this 2014 with these simple set of guidelines:

Specialised Customs Clearance Firm for Particular Industries

Choose a customs clearance firm with experience in your specific industry to efficiently and timely deliver your goods. Here at  LochM Fraser Logistics Pty Ltd, we specialise in the shipment of:

  • Fabric
  • Clothes
  • Machinery
  • Construction equipment
  • Die cast and mold machines.

Commendable Company References for Better Assurance

Look beyond the marketing materials supplied by these firms. Perform diligent research by asking an unbiased third party source or see how their previous and existing clients rate their services. We are happy to provide client references.

Port Representation for Better Control of Your Goods

Choose a freight forwarder that has representation with ports you are working with. This will give you more efficient and better control of your goods.

LochM Fraser has representation in major ports of Australia including Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Perth. We have an extensive range of professional facilities and partners around the globe to ensure global scale delivery of your products.

Efficient Track and Trace System for Better Communication

Reduce your amount of work by finding a customs clearance firm with efficient track and trace system. Quickly and effectively track your operation with easy-to-use tech resources such as such as Pangaea Logistics Software.

Clear Working Agreement

Protect yourself from unscrupulous freight forwarders. Work with a customs clearance firm that provides a clear working agreement on paper which includes:

  • Pricing
  • Scheduling
  • Services
  • Methods of Shipment
  • Ports of Usage
  • Termination Policies

Speak to our friendly customs brokers at 1300 056 246 or complete our online form for us to assist you with your shipment.

Image source: www.globalreach.blogs.census.gov

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