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Current Dumping Investigations

The Anti-Dumping Commission investigates alleged dumping and subsidisation of goods imported into Australia and imposes duties to address material injury to the Australian industry that manufactures similar or the same goods. The work of the Commission complies with rules of the World Trade Organization and Australian legislation.

Below is a list of current dumping investigations being carried out by the Anti-Dumping Commission. This is very important information to understand if you are looking at importing these goods in the future as they may be subject to dumping duty.

Item: Power Transformers
Export Countries: China, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam
Description: liquid dielectric power transformers with power ratings of equal to or greater than 10 MVA (mega volt amperes) and a voltage rating of less than 500kV (kilo volts)whether assembled or unassembled, complete or incomplete.
For more information: ACDN - 2013-64 - Initiation of Investigation into Alleged Dumping on Power Transformers]

Item: Prepared or Preserved Tomato Products
Export Country: Italy
Description: prepared or preserved tomato products exported to Australia from Italy in packs not exceeding 1.14 Litres.
For more information: Dumping on Tomatoes from Italy

Item: Wind Towers
Export Countries: China and Korea
Description: certain utility scale wind towers, whether or not tapered, and sections thereof (whether exported assembled or unassembled), and whether or not including an embed being a tower foundation section. The wind towers are designed to support the nacelle (an enclosure for an engine) and rotor blades for use in wind turbines that have electrical power generation capacities equal to or in excess of 1.00 megawatt (MW) and with a minimum height of 50 metres measured from the base of the tower to the bottom of the nacelle (i.e. where the top of the tower and nacelle are joined) when fully assembled.

For Further Information: Anti Dumping Notice 2013/68


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