Thursday, June 5, 2014

What is transhipment?

Do you wonder what happens to your cargo once it leaves the port of loading? Ever looked at your bill of lading and found that the vessel that is moving your cargo into your final destination is different from the vessel that the cargo departed on? Have you heard of the term "transhipment" and wondered what it meant?

Basically put, "transhipment" is the term given to the movement of cargo from one vessel to another.

There is no shipping line in the world that can cover each and every single port on a direct service -this is why most cargo that moves around the world is delivered to you via a transhipment port. Your cargo is fed into these ports, and then moved onto another vessel to its final destination.

There are a huge amount of transhipment ports located around the world, servicing different countries and trade lanes.  The most common used for Australia bound cargo are Singapore.

The major ports handling transhipment cargo are Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kaohsiung and Busan.

Logistics is our world at Loch M. Fraser, and the act of transhipping cargo certainly ensures that cargo can move around this wide world of ours.

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