Tuesday, September 15, 2015
Malcolm Turnbull: Seven things to know about the ambitious barrister turned Prime Minister

1. He was a successful entrepreneur before he hit politics

After studying law at Sydney University and winning a Rhodes Scholarship — something he has in common with Tony Abbott — Mr Turnbull dabbled in journalism before becoming a barrister.

In the 1980s he moved into business, fronting a number of successful ventures including Australian email pioneer OzEmail.

2. He was raised by his father

Mr Turnbull's parents separated when he was nine years old and he lived with his single-parent father thereafter.

3. He has lived in Wentworth all his life

When Mr Turnbull decided to enter Parliament, there was only one seat in his sights — the affluent inner-Sydney seat of Wentworth.

His first fight was with incumbent Liberal MP Peter King, who he challenged for preselection.

Mr King later claimed in Parliament that Mr Turnbull told him to "f*** off and get out of my way".

4. He has led the Liberals before

Mr Turnbull took over from Brendan Nelson as opposition leader within 12 months of the fall of the Howard government in 2007.

He went after then prime minister Kevin Rudd, but suffered a setback over the OzCar-Godwin Grech affair.

He lost the leadership after his support for an emissions trading scheme split his party — defeated by Mr Abbott by a single vote late in 2009.

5. His wife, Lucy, is a former Lord Mayor of Sydney

Lucy Hughes married Mr Turnbull in 1980.

She is the daughter of former Sydney QC and former attorney-general Tom Hughes.

The Hughes family's political lineage traces back to Sydney's first Lord Mayor.

6. The 'Dog Blog' is part of his official website

Posts have become less and less frequent over time, but the blog offers a glimpse of Malcolm Turnbull the family man rather than the politician.

Like this from his 2013 eulogy for loved family dog Mellie: "Dear little Mellie, you were such a brave, fond and loyal friend. All your pack will miss you and never be quite the same without you."

7. He became internationally famous with the 'Spycatcher' case

As a young barrister, Mr Turnbull made headlines across the world by taking on, and beating, the UK government acting for retired MI5 spy Peter Wright, who was fighting for the right to publish his book Spycatcher.

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