Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Dear valued customer,

DP World is currently experiencing operational difficulties which are having an adverse effect on LMF transport operations. This is directly effecting our ability to provide appropriate service levels to you. DP World turn times for our fleet range between 1.5 to 3 hours per trip and have been this way since Thursday October 1st. 

The delays at DP World we have been caused by the following:
  • Construction work on terminal expansion 
  • Expansion work has altered traffic flow and is creating a bottle neck for vehicles entering the terminal.
  • Vessel bunching has also been highlighted as causing high congestion in the DPW facility. 
  • In addition high winds yesterday caused DP World to cease operations on several occasions for a limited amount of time on each occasion. 
Unfortunately these delays at DP World have coincided with peak season volumes which is also heightening  the impact of the current issues.

The LMF team is working extremely hard to reduce the impact to our client base but we do ask for understanding as this is an industry based issue not a LMF issue. We are doing everything in our power to offset the inconvenience that these delays may cause.  

The LMF customer service team will stay in constant communication with you during this difficult period, and LMF management will also stay in constant contact through this period. 

Lochm has been advised by DP World that these problems should be addressed in the near future and as such we are hopeful of an immediate improvement.

Kind Regards
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