Monday, December 21, 2015

Dear Valued Client, 

Just a few updates that we woud like to bring to your attention.


China FTA - more details.


1. The Agreement commences from the 20th December, 2015. 

2. Shipments must be lodged on or after this date to obtain preference under the scheme. If duty is paid on or after this date, a refund can be obtained, if an authorised certificate can be produced at a later date.


3. China's authorised bodies for endorsing FTA certificates are:


(a) AQSIQ (General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine) where the actual certificates will be issued by provincial Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureaus, which are administered by AQSIQ;


(b) China Council for the Promotion of International Trade.


4. Suppliers will have to register with these authorities and provide manufacturing details to obtain a Certificate of Origin.


5. Goods transported through Hong Kong on their way to Australia will not lose their Chinese-originating status provided that the goods DO NOT undergo any operation other than unloading, reloading, repacking, relabelling for the purpose of satisfying the requirements of Australia; or splitting up of the goods for further transport, temporary storage or any other operation that is necessary to preserve the goods in good condition.  

7. More than 90% of products will be duty free if an authorised FTA certificate is provided at importation, after December 20th, 2015. 

Some exceptions are as follows: 


from 20th Dec. 2015

from 1st Jan. 2016

Specified fruits



Plastics in primary forms



Goods of a kind used as components in passenger motor vehicles



Some carpets



Toilet paper



Certain textiles



Most clothing / Bed linen



Most footwear



Certain metals and metal products



Certain machinery / mechanical devices




Imported Building Products


The following information has been provided by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and is forwarded for your attention.


"To ensure the ongoing safety of Australian consumers and industry members, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection is actively targeting imported building products at high risk of containing asbestos. The Department urges industry members to ensure they are aware of the import restrictions and border requirements for products that may contain asbestos.


Department of Immigration and Border Protection Notice 2015/38 has been issued to provide information on the risk of goods containing asbestos and compliance activities underway to ensure that Australia's zero tolerance of asbestos is adhered to.


The Department of Immigration and Border Protection website also contains further information regarding asbestos."


Air Cargo Carriage Restrictions


This information has been provided by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development and has been forwarded for your attention. 

"The Australian Government has imposed restrictions on the carriage of air cargo that has originated from, or transited through, Syria, Egypt, Bangladesh, Yemen and Somalia. The restrictions will be implemented through legislative instruments made by the Hon Warren Truss MP, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, under Section 65B(2)(b) of the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004. The instruments will come into force on Saturday 19 December 2015, and will remain in-force until the instrument is revoked. 

The air cargo restrictions will prohibit airlines from carrying any air cargo that has originated from, or transited through, Syria; Yemen; or Somalia. These new restrictions supersede previous arrangements relating to the carriage of air cargo from Yemen and Somalia. 

Air cargo that has originated from, or transited through, Egypt; or Bangladesh will be prohibited, except for items that are currently exempt from screening under the Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005, such as diplomatic bags and smaller items of international mail. 

These restrictions apply equally to air cargo carried on passenger and freighter aircraft. 

Kind regards, 

Dave Simmons 



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