Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Dear Valued Customer, 

With the commencement of vessel arrivals at the new VICT facility it is important to note some operational procedures that currently differ significantly to the operations at both 1East and DP World. 

To highlight some of these we have attached a recent press release from Container Transport Alliance Australia that has been a key conduit between the wharf cartage providers and VICT themselves. 

In particular some of the issues we see arising from the terminal operation are as follows:

·         Import containers cannot be manifested to a vehicle until all customs impediments are clear.  This will result in containers needing to be customs cleared prior to vessel arrival

·         It currently appears the terminal operating hours are 11AM to 11PM resulting in an inability to service early morning deliveries to customers unless containers are transported via yard the day before

·         All export / import containers are required to be delivered doors to rear regardless of weight loading.  If containers are delivered doors to the front to adhere to legal axle weight compliance a terminal container turn fee will be charged to the carrier

·         An ISO update fee is proposed to be charged to the carrier if an importer or agent declares a container as a GP instead of HC or vice versa

·         All containers, both import and export will be weighed by the terminal without exception.  This is being done under Chain of Responsibility by the terminal.  The associated fee to be charged to the carrier is termed Chain of Responsibility Fee.  This is being added to our VBS timeslot fee by VICT but will be shown as a separate line item on our invoice to you

·         If there exists a discrepancy between the VGM of the container at the time of weighing and the declared VGM in the system (over 500kg) VICT will charge the carrier a VGM Weight Discrepancy Fee.  It is therefore extremely important that overseas agents for import containers and anyone preparing a PRA for exports are accurate with weights declared. 

As you can appreciate there are a number of possible charges by VICT on to us as the carrier that we have no control over and no input into the data declared.  From discussions with VICT and CTAA there will be some initial grace period on some of the charges whilst they assess the operation of some of their proposed levies.  We think it prudent to alert you of the potential for the confusion and additional charges that may arise. 

VBS Charges for all containers in and out of VICT will be as follows from 21 February 2017:

VBS Booking Fee - $16.00

Chain of Responsibility Fee (container weighing) - $16.00

No show fee - $150.00

ISO update fee - $30.00

VGM Weight Discrepancy fee - $160.00

Container turn fee - $150.00 


Loch M. Fraser Logistics Pty.Ltd.

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