Thursday, February 23, 2017
Increases in CityLink Tolls – Toll Surcharge

From 1st April 2017, container transport operators using CityLink, Tullamarine Freeway and the Monash Freeway to and from the Port of Melbourne will face significant increases in tolls due to the Citylink, Tulla Widening (CTW) Project.

The CTW Project is jointly funded by the Federal Government, the Victorian Government and Transurban (CityLink). However, in an agreement reached between the Victorian Government and Transurban to proceed with the investment, a significant increase in truck tolls was imposed to commence from April 2017, but not for cars.

The significant increase in truck tolls discriminates against the freight transport industry and will have negative flow on effects to the costs of commercial transport and the economy.

The post April arrangement will see Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCVs) pay 3 times the car toll during the day and 2 times the car toll in the evening.

The table below gives an indicative summary of the changes based on the applicable tolls as at the date of this letter.

Trip Current cost 6am - 8pm Current cost 8pm - 6am Indicative new cost from 1 April 2017* 6am - 8pm Indicative new cost from 1 April 2017* 8pm - 6am
Footscray Rd – Moreland Rd (and beyond) $9.00, $8.90, $14.20 $9.52 
Footscray Rd – Westgate Fwy and Kingsway $5.64 $5.64 $8.91 $5.94
Footscray Rd – Burnley St (and beyond)$11.85(capped)$8.90(capped)$26.70, $17.80 Trip cap $11.85 $8.90 $26.70 $17.80

*Actual costs at 1 April 2017 will vary to reflect quarterly toll adjustments
In addition, tolls on EastLink are shown below. Trip Current cost*

Trip Current cost*
Monash – Greens Rd $4.83 Monash – Thompsons Rd $8.57 Monash – Frankston Fwy/Pen Link $12.31 Monash – Ferntree Gully Rd $3.22 Monash – Burwood Hwy $5.90

*tolls change annually with CPI on 1 July

Since the inception of motorway tolls in Melbourne, the overwhelming majority of container
transport companies have absorbed tolls. With the significant increase coming into force in
April, the industry is no longer able to commercially sustain this approach.
Paying tolls is a 'cost of doing businesses' in the container transport logistics chain. As
such, CTAA strongly believes that the increase in tolls, plus any associated administrative
costs, should be passed along the supply chain.
To assist in transparency within the supply chain, CTAA recommends that tolls and
associated administrative costs be identified as a separate 'toll surcharge' on invoices and
charged accordingly.

For any further clarification on this issue please contact Danny Cobb ( at Loch M. Fraser Logisitics Pty Ltd.
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