Monday, March 6, 2017
DP World Infrastructure Surcharge

This afternoon, the Australian Peak Shippers Association (APSA) received notification from DP World Australia of a substantial increase in Port Access fees, for all containers delivered to the terminals via road or rail, applicable from April 3 2017. Further increases are expected in Brisbane.
For more detail please refer to the following notices.

Customer notice_DPWA Melbourne Infrastructure Surcharge Notice_Melbourne 
Customer notice_DPWA Sydney Infrastructure Surcharge Notice_Sydney
In Melbourne the Infrastructure Surcharge (Port Access fee) has increased from $11 to $42.60 per container, while in Sydney the per container fee will increase from $0 to $31.14 for all containers delivered into the terminal.
These charges will be levied via the 1-Stop Vehicle Booking System or via the rail operator.
DP World have blamed the fee increases largely on "occupancy costs".
Both Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) and APSA will be formally challenging this surcharge and will be raising the matter with NSW Ports, the Port of Melbourne and relevant Government stakeholders. Surcharges such as these significantly add to the cost of international trade and directly affect the competitiveness of our commodity exports.
APSA and FTA maintain the position that costs should be absorbed by the stevedore or passed on to their commercial client being the shipping line. Shipping lines can then negotiate with shippers and freight forwarders as they see fit. 
APSA and FTA will also be seeking clarification on the quantum of the increase.
APSA and FTA has been invited by the Executive Team of DP World to discuss the fee increase and we will keep you abreast of those discussions.
If you would like a direct say in those discussions please email me at secretariat@auspsa.com

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