Thursday, September 19, 2019

Deloitte Access Economics is progressing the independent Review of Port of Melbourne Pricing & Access issues.  A draft Report is due to Freight Victoria by October.

CTAA has led several meetings with the consultants, and has encouraged members to provide views and data to ensure that the Review is underpinned by objective evidence.

When shippers ultimately paying the high stevedore infrastructure charges passed through from their transport providers, they need to ask themselves why are they also continuing to pay high (and increasing) port of destination fees imposed by shipping lines, including terminal handling charges? - shippers should be aggrieved that they are effectively paying twice for the same stevedoring services.

In addition to the unfettered and unregulated stevedore infrastructure charges, CTAA alliance companies want the Review to address how the one-sided stevedore access terms & conditions, and the stevedores' access rules imposed through the Vehicle Booking System (VBS), impact on productivity, efficiency and landside container logistics costs.

Linked to the access issues is the need for the Victorian Government to take an active role in independently assessing the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the stevedore / landside (road & rail) interface.

From the transport operator perspective, Deloitte has encouraged feedback on the following questions: Download Here

CTAA has also produced a short set of dot-points on the key issues, which are available on request (CTAA members only): Request a Copy

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